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Do you run or walk? After your kids? With the dog? For fitness? For punishment? To relax? To burn off calories? To burn off aggression? More slowly than you would like? Faster than you ought? So you can eat cookies? At the gym? Because you always have? Because you resolved to start? Whether you “run” as the dictionary would define it, are a serious fitness walker, or simply are active and on your feet, at Potomac River Running, you will find a wide selection of footwear to support your active lifestyle.

Everyday Running Footwear

A properly selected technical running shoe supports your unique foot-strike and helps to keep you comfortable, taking strain off your muscles and joints. Using advanced video analysis software, we assess your gait (foot strike) on our in-house treadmill at the precise speed that is comfortable for you. By carefully assessing your unique gait, our experienced shoe fitters will identify the correct category of shoe for you.  Since we opened up in 2003 running footwear has changed significantly.  We will help you to navigate what will work for your current needs to make sure you get the most out of your shoes.

Efficient Footstrike

Heard about the new trend toward “minimalism”?  It’s not for everyone, at least not right away.  That said, incorporating some running with a “minimalistic” shoe — whether the Nike Free, Saucony Kinvara, or one of many lightweight models — can have positive effects on your running efficiency and help you enhance the muscle and tendon strength in your feet and lower legs.  It’s important to make all change gradually — if you need a supportive shoe and you make the switch to one without support, you’re likely to cause the very injuries you’re seeking to prevent, and potentially others.   Consider attending one of our Running Fundamentals sessions to learn some basics on improving your form, whether with lightweight shoes or in preparation to add them to your training. We stock several models from our top manufacturers that can serve as a useful addition to your running toolbox.

Product Selection

Our product mix is extensive but we remain committed to vendors who are committed to the running specialty market. We stock shoes from companies that have a solid reputation for quality and deliver a consistently technical product. While you may find many shoes labeled “running” in a mall or big box store, every style we stock is actually designed so that you can run farther than to the mailbox. Fashion is secondary to function and you should always choose a style that feels comfortable — we recommend trying a variety of models before selecting one that feels best. We think our selection looks good too!

Already have a favorite running shoe? We proudly carry a wide selection from the following brands, and are happy to special order any style we do not currently carry, as long as it is available, from these vendors:  Adidas, Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Mizuno, Nike, and Saucony.

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