Holiday Top Picks 2020

Here are a few of our =PR= staff member’s top picks this holiday season!

R8 Recovery Roller

“I wish I could gift the R8 to every runner I meet. For the cost of one sports massage, this device provides endless at-home sessions of deep tissue work on tight legs, leading to looser muscles, faster recovery, and, most importantly, less injury!”
=PR= D.C.


“My top holiday pick for 2020 is the Hypervolt. I love the Hypervolt massage gun because it feels great on my tired old legs and allows me to make football-watching time productive.”
Ray Pugsley
=PR= Co-Owner

=PR= Graphic Tees

“I am most excited for this season’s line of =PR= Graphic Tees. I am a big fan of comfy t-shirts and love when there is holiday flair. These are the perfect gifts for all of my runner friends and for me too… #TreatYoSelf.”


Marketing and Community
Outreach Coordinator


The Aeropex headphones from AfterShokz are one of my favorite running accessories! The fact that I can enjoy my music and podcasts while also being aware of my surroundings is a welcome change from using the typical in-ear headphones.
=PR= Fairfax