=PR= Runners Points

As a local, family-owned small business, we’ve always had a rewards program to thank you for your loyalty, but Runners Points makes it even better. You earn points for every purchase and accrue rewards certificates in chunks of $25. You can earn those points for your in-store shopping (if, as before, you aren’t already receiving another discount) AND for shopping you do at hundreds of nationally known online retailers.

Need a new TV from Best Buy? Something from Apple? Something for your everyday life from Walmart, Target, Macys? Buy through the =PR= Runners Points portal online (you can do it in-store on your phone for in-store pickup too!) and add to your point total that you can spend at =PR=. You can now redeem more than one $25 certificate at a time so you can offset the full cost of a pair of shoes, for example! You can also have friends and family in other parts of the country do their purchasing through your =PR= account and your point balance grows! Savvy shoppers may not ever have to pay for gear again!

Get started with your next purchase at =PR= (and make sure we have a current, active email address for you – we can’t email you certificates or activate your new account without it). Each day we’ll upload the data and, like most rewards programs, your rewards are valid 30 days later – Runners Points will automatically send you an email when you’ve earned a certificate!