Runners Points Update

Dear =PR= Runners Points Customers,

Thanks for shopping local and participating in our Runners Points Loyalty Program over the past several years. We love being involved with you and the local running, walking, and fitness communities and appreciate your willingness to let us be part of your journey! Our course is changing a bit, so we wanted to give you an update on the Runners Points Program going forward.

What is Happening?

As you may know, Runners Points is coordinated and administered by a third party company which keeps the data updated, tracks your rewards, and communicates with you about your reward status. This company is exiting the run specialty space – thus changing what we can offer and support.

What Is Changing?

Effective Monday, September 30th, the Runners Points program will no longer be officially offered/supported.  Beginning Monday, September 30th, new purchases will not accrue points.  Our =PR= marketing team is actively investigating other ways we can continue to support the local running community. We will communicate with you as we introduce new programs, services, and continue to make contributions to local schools and worthy area causes.

What About My Points?

Although technical support for the Runners Points program is ending on 9/30, we have worked with the developer to create a means to continue to redeem your points even after that time. For the next several months, you will continue to have access to any rewards you’ve accrued. In fact, we’ll redeem your exact point balance – you won’t even have to exceed $250 in purchases to trigger a redemption opportunity.

So How Do I Redeem the Points? Is Anything Changing?

You’ll redeem points as you have in the past – but you will no longer be receiving reminder emails. When you come in, simply ask your sales associate at checkout to open your profile and determine what your balance is. Then “burn” those points towards your purchase. For instance, if you had $157.00 in purchases toward your next $25 award, we’ll award you $15.70 immediately and clear out your balance. You won’t have to wait to accrue $250 of purchases.

For How Long Can I Continue to Redeem My Old/Past Rewards?

We would love to keep those points available to you forever, but because the program is no longer supported, eventually the data won’t be available to us. We’ve negotiated to keep points visible/redeemable through June 30, 2020.  Remember – you may have a balance and rewards available to you even if you haven’t shopped with us in a while, so stop in for a visit!