Bra Fitting

You love your favorite sports bra. It’s been there for you for years – she’s lasted forever. This may seem like a match made in heaven, but you’re no longer getting the support and love you deserve. Here’s five easy ways to know it’s time to kick your old sports bra to the curb and invest in a brand new one!

  • The bottom band starts chafing your skin. Over time, the bottom band loses elasticity and without this, unnecessary rubbing (and pain) occurs. Ouch!
  • You can’t read the tags anymore. This bra has quit being your best friend!
  • It’s too big or too small. This seems obvious, but 80% of women wear the wrong sports bra size. Your bra size can fluctuate over time, especially when gaining or losing weight.
  • You have to wear two sports bra while working out. No one should ever have to double up! We carry bras that support any size.
  • When it’s time for new running shoes, it’s time for a new sports bra. Your sports bra needs to be replaced every 6-12 months.

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