Welcome to the =PR= Shopping Hub

We are your local walking and running store and are here to help keep you moving!

Shoe Fitting

Want to schedule an in-store gait analysis? Using video analysis software, we assess your gait (foot strike) on our in-house treadmill at the precise speed that is comfortable for you.

At-Home Virtual
Shoe Fitting

Interested in getting fit for a shoe in the comfort of your own home? Schedule a Zoom or phone appointment and get the same great service you would in-store.


Know what you’re looking for already? Our online store is open 24/7 and has all your favorite products you’d find in store, plus more! Shop from the comfort of your home.

Know What You Want?

Let’s chat – give us a call! We can look up your purchase history so that you can replace your shoe with one you have bought in the past or something similar. Get your shoes in store, curbside, or directly shipped to you.

Custom Insole Fitting

Looking for more support? Schedule an appointment to be fit for custom insoles at our Vienna location. Using your unique biometrics, we will 3D-print your pair of Superfeet ME3D custom insoles and ship them directly to you.